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Maggie Longmire CDs
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CD produced in 2008,
Granddaughters an Americana Opera


CD produced in 2001, Teachers & Travelers

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MAGGIE LONGMIRE REVIEWS   singer-songwriter
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“Veteran Knoxville, Tenn., singer/songwrite Maggie Longmire clearly reached deep into her own regional legacy for Granddaughters, an ambitious concept album whose story spans 50 tumultuous years in the life of an Appalachian coal mining family. You don't have to follow the story in order to enjoy the gentle sway and flair for intimate lyrical detail in these songs, penned mostly by Maggie and brother John Longmire, but the narrative flow does help Granddaughters to end up feeling like considerably more than the sum of its parts.”
—Chris Neal, Music Editor, Country Weekly

“Knoxville is bursting with talented musicians and one of East Tennessee’s favorite daughters, Maggie Longmire has just released another album: Granddaughters – An American Opera. Writing and performing folk music since the 60s, Maggie’s love of music started when she was a child. “When I was growing up, there was always music in the house. . .When I was nine I got my first guitar. . .I still have it,” Maggie says. Maggie draws her influences from legendaries like Dylan, Baez, Ronstadt, and Raitt. Maggie’s new album began as project for a class reunion. Covering the years from 1900 to the 1950s, the songs were personal for Maggie and sung in her mother’s voice. “The songs are historical, cultural, and fun. . .covering everything from love and divorce to disappointment and union workers,” says Maggie. With a full-stage play based on the album in the works, Maggie hopes to take her new music on the road.”
—Melina Taylor, City View

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