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The Lonetones CDs
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CD produced in 2006, Nature Hatin' Blues

CD produced in 2004, Useful

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THE LONETONES    americana
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The Lonetone’s new album, Nature Hatin’ Blues is dedicated to hometowns and misfits everywhere, mountains and people who fight to save them, the soil we grew up in … To a certain degree, the dedication sums up both the album and the band. The music is deeply rooted in the mountains of Appalachia, but is also subject to the ruminations of those who try to escape their steep mountain walls.

The band’s instrumentation looks that of a bluegrass or old-time string band. But that’s not exactly it. The songs at times sound ancient and worn. But there’s more to it than a simple rehashing of the past. Influenced heavily by more modern sounds from rock, the folk revival, singer-songwriters, alternative country and even emo, the band plays their own kind of original mountain music.

The seeds for the band were planted back to 2001 when West Virginian Steph Gunnoe began performing informally with Knoxville singer-songwriter Sean McCollough. The duo’s sound fused Gunnoe’s mountain singing style and literate song-writing with McCollough’s rich vocal accompaniment and multi-instrumental arrangements. They began to perform publicly over the next couple of years. In 2003 they added bass and drums and started calling themselves the Lonetones.

They released their debut album Useful that same year and their music began to take on new shape with the fuller instrumentation.

The sound of the band has evolved, but Gunnoe and McCollough continue to enjoy their musical compatability. In a recent interview, McCollough noted that from the beginning “it was one of those things where each brings the other a nice balance. Steph has a rawness about her music…. I was more pop-oriented.” The synergy has not gone unnoticed by others.

Debra Dylan of knoxville520.com declared: “I am grateful for whatever divine force brought Steph Gunnoe and Sean McCollough together. In addition to their marriage and family, their union has also spawned incredibly beautiful original Americana music.” Wayne Bledsoe of the Knoxville News Sentinel wrote that “[t]he duo’s congruous relationship comes out in the music. While their songs are written separately, a Gunnoe song will benefit from a McCollough guitar solo or mandolin riff, and a McCollough song will be finessed with a Gunnoe harmony.”

The band still performs some traditional music and likes to add some unusual covers such as ones by Magnetic Fields, Blondie or a Peruvian Waltz. They make their home in Knoxville, TN amidst a thriving music scene.

Accolades for Nature Hatin’ Blues
• Album featured on NPRs All Songs Considered
• Top Ten Album of 2006, KDHX Uncontrollable Urge show with boBEE Sweet.

Accolades for Useful
• Album featured on NPR’s All Songs Considered.
• DYI Top-12 Pick, Performing Songwriter Magazine.
• “Glad I Stayed” appeared on Shut-Eye Records’ Americana Sampler.
• “Little Thing” and other songs received radio play across the country.

Recent Performances
• Opening for Sam Bush
• Knoxville 4th of July Celebration
• Americana Crossroads
• The Atlantis Music Conference, Atlanta GA
• The Blue Bird Café in Nashville, TN
• WDVX Camperfest and Blue Plate Special Radio Show

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