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Jewell Cornette CDs
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CD produced in 2008, Yalerma'i

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book jewell cornette

I started playing piano at the age of four or five, feet dangling from the piano bench, and took lessons starting at age nine. I played in groups and in church in my college years, and began composing in my mid-twenties. Later, while living in Hawaii, many of my compositions took form, finding fertile ground in the climate and creative energy of the Islands. My current CD release features twelve of my pieces, with elements of Jazz, Classical, New Age and World Music.

This musical project is my first experience to record, engineer, arrange and mix the ideas and concepts that have been brewing inside me for a long time. Yalerma’i Sunset (vocals, instruments), Cherokee in Cornett (vocals, instruments), Ming-Ling Brothers (instruments) and Divinity (instruments) were recorded and engineered by Rudolph Nemeth. Special thanks to Harold Nagge, the famous Fabrizia Barresi of Italy, Bill Scarlett, Stewart Cox, and Martin Hodge whose contribution made these songs. All other tracks, excluding bass, both vocal and instrumental were played, arranged, recorded and mixed by me. . .

. . .The music on this CD is an expression of my joy from seeing the beauty and power of nature, the joy of being able to experience this life time. It is inspired by different individuals, artists, authors, and locations which have had an impact on my life.

Take care of the Earth. To me, every area of this earth is sacred. To protect and nurture the planet, just as we care and nurture our own bodies and selves, is to honor and respect ourselves. Unfortunately, we have been taught through the culture and the corporate world that we are separate. The markets of industry use every tool at their disposal to consciously and subconsciously separate us from our connection with nature. I have been told that we are already too late in making dramatic changes in order to turn the health of the environment around; however, even if it is so, I refuse to disrespect our Mother Earth, and I continue, out of choice, to be conscious of what I do to assist and honor and love her for as long as I live. Once we acknowledge and respect the earth as a living organism, on which we are extensions of individuality, we become one with it. The grass, plants, trees, flowers and meadow, its mountains, valleys and hills form its outer body. . . its streams, lakes, rivers, seas and even the oil found in the ground, are its life blood, providing nourishment to itself. . . the volcanos are its creative aspect, birthing itself. We are made and have our being out of the content of the earth. It is so easy to relate to this oneness as a result of our connectedness to nature and its beauty. The invisible umbilical cord continues to affect our emotions and our lives. You may ask yourself, how does what I am saying have anything to do with music? It has every connection. The essence of all things is vibration. Vibration is sound, sound is the “umbilical chord” of creation, it is the “music of the spheres.” The next time you are outside your back or front door, or an opened window, you can hear in the nearness, in the distance, the vibrations of nature communicating and living around you. Listen to the voices. Be in that moment with what you can hear. . . the birds singing, the sound of the wind as it blows through the trees, the fragrance of the flowers, the warmth of the sun, the buzzing of a bee. . .

With this CD, my hope is that it assists in creating an environment for you, on whatever level you need to expand or shift your energy, and in whatever your circumstance you find yourself, you will receive some solitude, peace, encouragement, joy and oneness. It is my gift to the sacred aspects of our existence, via the individuals, events, and experiences out of which would become sound. . .

Love and Blessings,
Jewell Cornette

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